The body whispers before it screams

Let us work together to heal your pain

What is Pain Therapy?

In order to be able to treat pain effectively – we need to have a positive understanding of it.  LNB pain therapy allows us to do this. Pain is normally your body warning you of a problem.  My job is to make musculofascial changes so that your body no longer needs to give you these pain alarms. 

Who would Benefit from Pain Therapy?

The good thing about LNB pain therapy is that it allows me to understand nearly every pain that may arise in your body, it’s not limited to certain types of pain or specific areas of your body.  We also take into account indirect influencing factors such as environment and diet as we get deeper into therapy.


What Makes LNB Pain Therapy Special?

With LNB pain therapy – it is a natural body appropriate therapy.  There is no medication required, no operations – and there is no need for any other therapeutic device.  The therapy is also sustainable which is important as is the holistic approach. 

Once I have dealt with the pain, this is when I start to delve into other factors such as stress, anxiety, dietary problems etc that could be a contributing factor to the issue.  As well as making you pain-free my job is to improve your overall quality of life. 

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What are the Success Rates?

The LNB treatment method sees elimination or a huge reduction of pain in over 90% of cases.  Pain patients can come in many forms.  It could be that you suffer from slipped discs, migraines, fibromyalgia, spinal stenosis, and many other types of chronic pain. 

What are the Next Steps?

If you are in pain, and you want to have a better quality of life – then please feel free to make a booking online or contact me for more information.

Simone Moir