Bioinformatics method

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One Vitalizer for all: Humans, Animals, Plants, Food and Water

The method for your personal cell-fitness and vitality

Why..? Very easy it works a treat:

  • More energy. Exactly when you need it.

  • You’ll be fit faster. Gentle and natural.

  • Without appointments, without waiting times. You gain more time for the essentials.

  • Effective and easy. 

The beginner is happy about the simple application. 

The experts are enthusiastic about the enormous range of applications. Both are happy.

  • No consumables. Protects the environment and your wallet.

  • Handy, fits comfortably in your pocket. Or handbag.

  • At home, at work or while traveling. All over. Well-being, always close.

How the Vitalizer works:

The chemical processes in each organism are controlled through the interaction of the molecules through the medium of light. Vitality disturbances such as exhaustion, lack of energy or hypersensitivity go hand in hand with a lack of light energy in the body cells. The coherent light of the Vitalizer can vitalize the light energy management in the cells, re-inform the cells, and thus stimulate the self healing powers of the body.

What is the bioinformatics device?

VIDEO INTRODUCTION (click here to view)


The bioinformatics device was developed to offer your body exactly what makes it more efficient. Equipped for the challenges of our modern society. “Made in Germany”. The result of over 25 years of interdisciplinary research. Proven for over 15 years. Constantly refined. With thousands of enthusiastic users. Today it fits comfortably in your pocket. And it’s easy to use.

What is bioinformatics?

There are different definitions and shades of this term. “Bio” stands for life. Computer science, traditionally seen, is the collection, processing, and transmission of information (data). Information is not just the key to understanding. But also elementary for the formation of structures. Structures enable order. In the original sense of the word, “information” brings something “in shape”, “in order”.
When we speak of bioinformatics, this primarily means the gentle, non-manipulative transfer of information to the living being (human, animal or plant). This information gives the body the opportunity to get “in order” again. The information enables the body to gently trigger the body’s self-regulation. Regeneration is progressing faster. The rest periods are enough for a relaxed recovery. And good to know: The body decides which information it uses.

Would you like to know what the bioinformatics method can do for you? Or try it out without obligation?

This devise has been developed and produced in Germany and is only available in the UK via me and the team for now.

We analyze your needs and wishes. So we can tell you whether this method suits you. We look forward to your message.

Contact me for more info or book for a 2 week trial


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