Synergetic Yoga Therapy

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What is synergetic Yoga therapy?

My tools resonate with your story and the energy created catalyses change.

Allowing you to become unstuck and enabling you to choose new ways to use your body mind and breath.


1.We move your anatomy

If there is pain

and it has not shifted with LnB ( Liebscher and Bracht) Pain Method, most likely there is more to it than just nuts and bolts, muscles and bones not behaving.

We then look at what supports the area and how the surrounding muscles are aware of having this job.

Often they just forgot.

Well, we shall remind them gently, train them back up together as a team so every part knows what the other is suppose to do, rather than “rehabbing” the area that hurts.


2. There might be stories attached to the area

Traumas of impact and past injuries have ways to affect your movement. Like scar tissue of the mind.

We allow this part to integrate and look for stuck emotions that might have been with you for a little too long.


3. Stuck emotions manifesting as stuck energy flow (chi or prana)

We use tools like the breath – breath control

energy medicine – meridian flows theory

energy psychology – EFT (emotional freedom technique)

and visualisation – like inner child work and program updates


It never gets boring and going thought these tools equip you for life to cover the bumps and bruises that life can bring.


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