Suffering from a “BAD back”? …really?

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How would you feel …if you take the load of all your colleagues, work overtime trying to keep the boss happy and on the go.
…and then you hear your boss say:
“Oh, my back has been sooo bad can you fix it, please?
I have to say NO.
As It’s not your back that’s in the wrong here.
Most other forms of “fixing” focus on the area of discomfort and try stretching and strengthening it =add more work & new tricks to the back.
Well, this might work a treat short-term.
In my experience coming from a variety of modalities,
I have learned 1THING merging LnB and Yoga Therapy
If some area is overworked and (underpaid) appreciation
Take some of the load off and find those slackers!!!
…and hand the work back to them (which they might not volunteer for) That’s where persistence comes in.
Reduce the workload on the back reliably, rather than just after the treatment by adding little personalised new moves into your day.
Learn new habits and increase your awareness.
Then we see how your back feels
most of the time
much happier.
This is not about throwing and exercise at it and it will be all good. It’s about your own unique body and learning to listen to what it has to say. Small adjustments go a long way when you are in the exercise, know what you are looking for and not just executing it.
And you have a much better understanding and relationship with the team you rely on every day.
And that is where I come in handy
book a session to listen and learn to your own body.
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