From sluggish end of 2019 to bouncing into 2020

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 Desk job and couch potato

 A recipe great for back pain

I so often hear that there is just not enough time in the day to stretch or be sensible.

That is when I bless pain… it makes looking after yourself a necessity and not a luxury any longer.

A shame that it is really uncomfortable.











2020 and new years resolutions offer a new start to an old bag of habits.

It might be easier and more fun than you think to tackle your routines.

To make them really effective for your body and mental health, you kind of need to know what you are doing.

First, find out where there is a kink in your armour.

By focusing only on a few things to improve you will avoid overwhelm,

are able to set targets and reap results fast.












Let me help you on this journey

My top 5 favourites to get moving

  1. Spinal twist – truly now that even feels divine, make sure you sit straight before turning your spine.
  2. Break out into a faster walk than usual – take stairs 2 at a time and feel your body and heart waking up
  3. Give hands tired from typing a wee stretch ( top tip resist into the stretch push into the hand that pulls you back)
  4. Oh those shoulders we can do magic with them when we attend there needs, my top area to focus on to bust stress
  5. Last but not least – BREATHE – no kidding! Explore for a moment if your shoulders go up to your ears when you take big breath…


Busting your stress – instead of busting your gut.

A great gift for all the people with ambitious new years resolutions
– ready to hit the ground running in January 2020.
– still recovering from the Xmas magic
– the people that always look after you instead of themselves
– the ones that each year more like a question mark

Pause a moment and do a wee check

Book a 1-2-1 awareness session with me – Simone Moir
Sessions are personal – you can’t spend a more self-centred hour.

It’s great fun

– Find and explore the kinks in your armour.
– Stand tall as you learn to correct your posture
– Learn to feel what a good move is like vs one that will make things difficult for your body in the future.
– Step out of ambition and into self-care for a moment.
– avoid injury protect your joints

Easy Paypal booking if you text me on 07789813481 and I’ll send you a printable voucher even till Christmas eve

Seriously good present even if people never considered Yoga they are in for a treat!

Bookable for from 6.January till the 6. March 2020.

My favourite Quote:
Thinking you are too stiff to do yoga is like…
…. being too filthy to have a wash.

Sessions commence at 89 Harefield Drive G14 9AL



Book in for a little session and see what you can do while sitting at your desk.


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