Simone Moir – Expert Pain Therapist

If a man happens to find himself, he has a mansion which he can inhabit with dignity all the days of his life.

The Moment that Changed Everything …Valentine’s Day 2017

By the age of 12, I was already very familiar with pain. Daily, whenever I ate, I got knife-like pains into my gut, transforming my relationship with food and pain forever.

My Parents and Doctors had no answer and I just grew thinner and thinner trying to avoid the pain. I was lucky to learn mind over matter tools young and had my biggest out of body experience early in life, in the OP that fixed the cause of the pain.

This brought me right onto my lives journey as a yoga therapist and pain specialist.


After Qualifying as a Yoga Therapist

 Age 30, 10 years after qualifying as a yoga therapist I was pregnant with my first boy a miracle. My husband has a neck OP after long-standing neurological issues that made his arm and leg malfunction. It was very complicated and there was not a very high chance of full recovery, but a good chance to be paralysed from the neck down.

This made me step up, and I learned all I could get my hands on in terms of the neck and spinal injuries. I also learned to listen in and hear his body speak. I rehabilitated him myself and he is still brand new.

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 My Own Experience with Pain

I had been a senior Yoga therapist for over 22 years, trained with the best of the best (link to my qualifications list ) I specialised in pain and there I was…age 41 and it strikes me properly.

In February 2017 I attended a Yoga teacher course in Amsterdam and managed to find myself in the middle of a human pyramid which sounded like a good idea at the time. After it crashed down on me, my neck and shoulder to be precise, I realised it was stupid to take part. I was not able to move my arm or leg at this point and feared the worst. I was immediately scared – not an emotion I am very used to. Old images passed by, trauma from when My EX suffered and was out of work and we were at the brink of ruin. As a mother of 2 boys and running my own yoga business, helping people with their aches and pains – this was highly inconvenient, to say the least. I managed to regain movement, but the shooting pain was not manageable with mind over matter. I had to admit I was out of commission.

I tried throwing all I had at it, from energy work to yoga therapy to repair me, which was far too painful to do and seemed to make it worse. Simple tasks such as putting my 3-year olds socks on were impossible. I was in 3 months of severe pain managing barely even with pain killers when I eventually got an x-ray on the NHS (bless them). I had a partially ripped Rhomboid and Infraspinatus (quite important for day to day life).

Well, lucky I know how to rehab muscles, and I did. I managed to adjust my practice and way I work a bit and it was ok.

Simone Moir

OK wasn’t Good Enough for Me

I still had numb fingers every time I rode my bike, I was not able to lift anything more than 3 kg; and when my wee boy launched at me, I got an electric shock through my arm. No, this was NO GOOD! The hope of a quick MRI vanished, and I had to do something… 

I did what I love most. I researched new therapies and found out what the “important people” like footballers do when they hurt themselves. I found a German Pain Therapy called (I spare you the full name) LnB…

It seemed as if this therapy was a bit of a secret, and only available to the top rollers, the Uefa, Formula 1 and alike. To my surprise, it just launched the opportunity to get trained in this method and I was soooo ready. Off I went for my first training and yes, it helped. 

I now knew what I had to do now to get this shoulder from impinging my arm. It took me 18months to get an MRI, which was a bit of a shock but not entirely as a surprise. I had 2 severely bulging disks C6 And C7 and the offer to join the waiting list for an OP. This wasn’t the news I wanted.

I went again to Germany and now focused on these naughty slippery discs, this time with Herr Roland Liebscher himself. I returned home after 4 days, maybe bruised but 100% pain-free. I am now a fully trained Liebscher and Bracht Therapist, actually the only one in Britain at the moment. Years on I’m still amazed by the effectiveness of the technique. I have now blended it in alongside the yoga therapy creating a winning combination.

 1. reducing pain

 2. increasing mobility

 3. A pain-free life where you understand to look after yourself, as maintenance is key

My End Result

We moved house just as I was getting back to my old strength when my wee numpty dropped a 20kg box full of books on top of my head from on top of a cupboard. I fell, passed out and ended up concussed in A&E.

On the upside I got another CAT scan and MRI as they were aware of the previous injury I had and were concerned. I got the all clear the neck shows not misalignment of the cervical spine at all, now that is an impressive result. I am pain-free and back to normal.