I just might be the answer to your prayers:

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I just might be the answer to your prayers:

I can keep your friends playing longer so they can enjoy golf in their later years.

I am a Liebscher und Bracht pain specialist and Yoga therapist www.my121yoga.com and apparently the only one on this wonderful green isle.

I wanted to inquire for an opportunity to speak about healthy backs next year at the Gold expo maybe also a tiny titzi tiny stall at your event

I have been a Yoga therapist working with many golfers here in Scotland over the years, and i love it. They seem to be dedicated and hardworking and get back to the top of their game after injury very swiftly.

Most of my clients come straight from Ross Hall (after OP) ideally i get my hand on them before then.

I personalise stretching programs and work with osteo-pressure on pain, mindset and breath also play a large role. as you know.

I love my work, i am damn good and very busy so not really looking for a mad run of new clients more the opportunity to share knowledge and I rather work with active folk than couch potatoes and thought an opportunity to show what I do at your event would benefit us all.

I have attended last years event and was surprised how little information there was on stretching and how to stay healthy, spotted some massage therapists.

Is the time finally ripe to support your fellow golfers holistically – Scotland is ready!

Kind regards Simone Moir

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