How can you stay pain-free permanently?

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Well, It is certainly not (just) my magical ability to heal you!

In order to be able to remain pain-free in the long run, guess what?

It is of course important to do things the NEW WAY, no one can do this for you.

Any more excuses please contact me on 07789813481 – Time to change yet?


I don’t have the opportunity to do this in my everyday life, sit or stand in my job.

That is why I personally design the so-called bottleneck stretching exercise routines.

The aim of the exercises, which can be easily integrated into everyday life, is to achieve permanent freedom from pain through regular and optimal performance by consistently changing your one-sided movement patterns that caused the pain in the first place. 

I am quite creative with this and yet have to find someone that does not have the time to do them. They can be done if time is precious under the shower, on a loo break, while commuting, at red lights… as it’s about establishing new ways of thinking as well as now ways of moving.


I have tried everything and nothing makes a difference!

There is no such thing as ‘Try’ here. Do and you shall succeed. ‘Try’ should be taken out of your vocabulary for the healing journey. Do or Do not but do not fool yourself. We make it bite size and possible, fun and effective.



I am too stiff to stretch!

I love this one and I love to give this as an answer:

“Being too stiff to stretch is like being too filthy to have a wash” steady wins the race and technique makes all the difference. Learning well stops the voice of self-doubt that is the main reason for giving up. I m here for the journey and keep you right.


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