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Acute Back pain  – dull knee ache – crippling Migraines

You experience it when you injure or twist something.

It can range from a fairly dull and persistent pain such as a headache to as far as something excruciating, such as sciatica or a frozen shoulder. Acute pain could be fleeting or it could last until the injury is healed.

Acute pain is that it is temporary – let’s make it history.

Improved Maintenance required

Can you hear the ‘Creaking and groaning’ at times, but largely ignore it? Are you waking up with a stiff back and happy that it gets moving ‘most times’ under a hot shower? You could do with losing some pounds, gaining some muscle and flexibility.

You want to improve your overall health – stop trying start doing

Wonder what is draining you:

Have you un-learned of how to breath? Staying alive instead of filling yourself with free abundant energy is what most people do. Effective ‘On the go tricks’ and tips to re-learn the cheapest way to increase wellbeing and energy is what we do.

Learning new habits which strengthen all your systems.

Experiencing a lingering sluggishness and tiredness

With everything you eat you either feed disease for fight it. Clever words and so true. But I do not tell you what not to eat or put you on a diet – NO – we just stop kidding ourselves on and become somewhat sensible.

Upgrading the cheap and nasty to a fine delight for body and tongue.

Stress coach

If life could be easier

Adding anxiety, panic attacks and depression into it one buckles at the knees. Overwhelm freezes common sense and makes one feel small and all problems huge. With care we address the reason why the body sabotages all action.

Lifting you up to full size re-establishing ease

You can’t avoid stress

What you can do is with Yoga Therapy and modern mind hacks is to strengthen your nervous system a bit like upgrading your wiring to the modern requirements. By finding Energy leaks and energy draining habits stress becomes the new mind workout.

Build strength and resilience with ease

Ways to cope are many

Habits are like chains, too light to notice till they are too hard to break. Emotional freedom Technique (EFT) is a very powerful tool as online support as well as in person it can help you re- program old habits into new lasting lifestyle choices.

Tap into your full potential

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