Do you suffer from back pain?

Join our 7 Day Back Pain Challenge

7 Day Back Pain-FREE Challenge

7 Day Back Pain-FREE challenge
If you find your self losing your bounce…
Being stuck behind a desk for hours on end and sloooowly ceasing up.

This daily little oil can work wonders for your joints:
These are the 7 steps into more ease, better sleep and improved flexibility.


What this requires from you

10 min every day for 7 days

  • This works when you set 10 min aside every day ┬áto move into your compressed areas
  • You have to be hydrated
  • Enable the sequence we built to meet you where you are at just now, to avoid injury
  • Remember to slow down mentally so habits can be changed
  • Allow your body to first ease into each move before pushing yourself
  • Become intrigued with ┬áresistance, your best partner to increase stability in your joints and supportive muscular system

Enjoy your journey.
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Book in for a session to look at less generic movements and help you realign.

What are the exercises?

Day 1
Backbend – The opposite of sitting
Day 2
Forward bend – open your backside
Day 3
Side bend – allow your lungs to untangle
Day 4
Neck to hand stretch – carpal tunnel and neck stretch
Day 5
shoulder shrug – get those shoulders away from the ears
Day 6
Chest opening – sit up shoulders back
Day 7
Twist – spine tonic and decompression
audio and video to follow along
Simone Moir