Do you suffer from back pain?

Join our 7 Day Back Pain Challenge

It’s never too late to improve your posture!

Generic exercises might not work so well that is why I have broken down each move into several options and insight into anatomy.

Decompression is key!

In every move this will be explored as otherwise you grind your joints instead of creating ease, more space, improved nutrition and makes space for stem cells to repair damaged cartilage and bones which allowed lessening of pain.
The most impressive observation is to measure your height to start off with and then again after 1 month of daily practice – it’s certainly impressive and imagine what that does to the wear and tear of your spine.

7 Day Back Pain-FREE Challenge

7 Day Back Pain-FREE challenge
If you find your self losing your bounce…
Being stuck behind a desk for hours on end and sloooowly ceasing up.

This daily little oil can work wonders for your joints:
These are the 7 steps into more ease, better sleep and improved flexibility.


What this requires from you

10 min every day for 7 days

  • This works when you set 10 min aside every day  to move into your compressed areas
  • You have to be hydrated
  • Enable the sequence we built to meet you where you are at just now, to avoid injury
  • Remember to slow down mentally so habits can be changed
  • Allow your body to first ease into each move before pushing yourself
  • Become intrigued with  resistance, your best partner to increase stability in your joints and supportive muscular system

Enjoy your journey.
Leave your feedback here.
Book in for a session to look at less generic movements and help you realign.

What are the exercises?

Day 1
Backbend – The opposite of sitting
Day 2
Forward bend – open your backside
Day 3
Side bend – allow your lungs to untangle
Day 4
Neck to hand stretch – carpal tunnel and neck stretch
Day 5
shoulder shrug – get those shoulders away from the ears
Day 6
Chest opening – sit up shoulders back
Day 7
Twist – spine tonic and decompression
audio and video to follow along
Simone Moir