Please follow the instructions below and use the contact form to book your free 20 minute session.

Before you shoot away please check:

  • your lighting
  • make sure you wear fitted clothing or go with minimal clothing
  • make sure your whole body is in the shot

A: The assessment

Stand to face the camera

NOTE: If any of the following movements trigger pain, dizziness or shortness of breath stop right away, point and describe.

Take 3 deep breaths standing hip width apart

1. Turn your upper body as far around as possible to look towards you opposite heal.

2. Slowly roll forward like a rag doll just going as far as you can

3. Do 3 squats however low way possible

Turn with your back to the camera

Take 3 deep breaths

  1. Lift one leg up (balance hold onto something supportive if needed) 3x last lift try with eyes closed (ok to wobble)
  2. Toe raise, lift up onto your tip toes 3x and hold the last raise for 3 breaths
  3. Bring your palms and lower arm together vertically in front of your body, see if that is possible to do with lowered shoulders

Turn side on to the camera

Take 3 deep breaths

  1. Stand and lift your arms above your head, look ap and gently bring your head back as far as comfortable
  2. Interlace your hands behind your back lift your chest and bring your chin towards your chest
  3. Bend slowly forwards with soft knees taking your arms with you hold 3 breaths – and INHALE to come up

Demo video click here

Audio to talk your through in real time

I need your assessment at least 1 day before your session. Do it now, it takes 10 min max!!!


B: connect on skype

Use the button below to connect to me via skype:

(The chat button doesn’t work on some devices. If this is the case, please search for me over skype. My username is simone.moir )

If you don’t have a skype account, you will need to sign up for one as screen sharing option is ideal

Alternatively connect with me via Zoom or WhatsApp video.

If you are using a PC/Mac, please make sure you downloadskype or zoom

Make sure your pc/phone/tablet is ready to receive a skype call or is set up ready to go.

Attempt signing in on your device a couple of days before the session

3. Explore good posture

is not down to trying harder but allowing the right muscles to do the job they are designed to do:

  • chin parallel to the floor
  • head above the shoulders
  • shoulders even and centred (look at your palms where do they face when your arms dangle)
  • neutral spine well curved
  • abdominal muscles lift slightly on exhale
  • hips even same height and position
  • feet parallel to one another
  • knees even and pointing straight ahead (like headlights)
  • body weight distributed evenly on both feet.
  • healthy bouncy arches