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The body whispers before it shouts…

Unscrewing the warning light has only got you this far. Let’s get to the bottom of the pain and solve it together.

If you are in Pain you know…?

It is draining your life force right out of you.

Pain makes a good excuse not to grow. I certainly know that. When you are ready to do something about it and are done moaning,

I can help you make your pain history!

Are You willing to put the work in to keep pain away for good?

 If you find yourself taking medication to manage the pain, your progress has stalled, you are not healing just buying time and grinding more.

I could the best option for you to learn to do things new.

Are you in joint pain? Click here to take part in our 7 day back pain challenge.


  • Simone does not only show you ways to get to understand your body but your mind, improving not only your physical symptoms but she makes use of your brain along the way. Pain Therapy under Simone’s guidance helped me ease my excruciating back pain.

    Pierre Kuba Researcher and Tutor
  • I no longer experience back pain at all and my flexibility has improved dramatically. The improvement has allowed me to get back to playing rugby for the first team and my performances here have been much better than before

    Iain Graham General Practitioner
  • I have no hesitation in recommending Simone to anyone who wants to get fit or have improvements made to their health. I found her Pain therapy system to be first-class and I still practice her techniques. 100% recommended by me!

    Stuart Dougal Referee and Sports Professional
  • Before I met this woman my head was not connected to my shoulders and my body did not know what a healthy breath was. She reconnected me and helped me get back to what I should be. After 13 years of back pain (due to a car crash), doctors and chiropractors I met Simone and what a life-changing meeting that turned out to be Now This is what I call Pain-Therapy.

    Tracey Lang Owner, 1 Property Services Ltd
  • No sport no golf no fun – this was getting to me on all levels. Having worked weekly with Simone again the progress was remarkable.
    Yes, we rehabbed and strengthened the knees, but what I did not expect was amazing.
    My bad back and neck settled completely, Decades of bad posture, being a tall lad in Scotland takes it’s toll.
    Kevin Connely Personal Trainer


Do You Find Yourself Creaking or Groaning?

If the answer is yes, then your body needs attention and maintenance.

It could be that you need some assistance with weight loss and need to change some habits, or that you need to gain some muscle and flexibility.

Stop trying and start doing!

Do you Have a Lack of Energy?

If you are wondering what is draining your life force, I can help. It could be that you have un-learned how to breathe.

I can provide you with effective on the go tips and tricks that will fit in with your lifestyle so that can increase your energy levels and improve your overall wellbeing.

New habits strengthen your system!

If the answer is yes to any of those questions, then get in touch. As a pain specialist, my job is to make that pain go away.